Door Closers, Hinges, Latches, Handles and other Hardware

Walk in Refrigerator or Freezer door closers can help save energy by insuring the door is closed between entering and exiting. Sometimes a heavy duty closer is needed for aging doors that are not closing all the way. My Tech is an expert in the replacement of these door closers. We make sure that your Walk-in cooler or Freezer door is shutting properly and saving you money.

Door Handles and Hinges over time become broken, destroyed and damaged and need to be replaced to insure that a perfect seal is created. Sometimes it is due to an employee not using the equipment correctly, but most times these parts just wear out. Similar to the door on your house, if you open it and slam it closed enough times, the hinges and other hardware will eventually wear out and need replacing.

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When we come out to provide our free gasket estimate for you, we will review with you any hardware issues you might have and provide a competitively priced solution so that you can focus on your business, not if a door is going to close.