Refrigeration Door Gaskets

Gaskets provide a seal around the refrigerator door to prevent outside air from entering the cooler when the door is closed. Old or damaged door gaskets can lead to outside air leaks, resulting in higher refrigeration loads and an excess frost build up on the evaporator. Replacing the damaged gasket will achieve a stronger seal, and reduce the refrigeration load. We provide the highest quality gasket and our gaskets are measured to OME speifications to insure a flawless seal.

My Tech Texas is premium provider of custom refrigeration gaskets. We specialize in providing high quality gaskets that meet or exceed OEM specs at a fraction of the cost. These gaskets are made to each units' specs providing an exact fit every time. Save money and buy from us instead of paying retail prices.


Research shows that if a gasket is not sealing, the refrigerator can work up to 30% harder and longer than if the gasket is properly sealing. When you factor in the cost of electricity, it can easily add $25-$35 per month per refrigerator that has leaking gaskets! A typical restaurant with 6-8 refrigerators could be wasting $150 - $280 per month in electric costs, not to mention reducing the lifespan of the refrigerators because they are running more than they should.

Is It Time To Replace Your Gaskets?

- Dollar Bill Test - Open the door to your refrigerator (freezer, food prep table, ect...), place a dollar bill where it will be between the gasket and cabinet frame and close the door. Did the bill fall out, or is it easily removed? If yes then you need to replace the worn gasket. You should try this in several places around the door to ensure you are getting a tight seal all the way around.

- Visual Inspection - By looking at the gasket you should be able to spot any cracks in the gasket or large gaps between the door and the cabinet. If you see any gaps or cracks you need to replace the gasket. Upon visual inspection you may find that mold or mildew is building up on the gasket which is pretty gross and bad for the gasket. The mold and mildew may seem harmless, but over time it will deteriorate the gasket, basically the mold and mildew will eat away at the seal.

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